Beth Packert & Rich Burke

“LG Flint utilized excellent communication through out our project and responded with professionalism to our concerns. They are truly high quality subcontractors.”

Joseph R. Wyatt III

“L.G. Flint represents what is honorable and reliable in a contractor. They will listen to what you want and dotheir best to offer you quality work at a fair price. Their subcontractors are also reliable and friendly, working in a timely fashion and keeping the work sight clean.”

Bob Lemon

“Knowledgeable, kind, prompt, cost-effective. Good people. Another excellent job from Bob and company.  LG Flint is wonderful to work with. I would heartily recommend L.G. Flint for any home improvement project.”


The company was started in 1951 as a partnership with Lloyd G. Flint, Jr. and two Realtors at Steptoe Patteson.  Lloyd Flint developed and ran the construction end of the business.  It evolved into the Home Builders of Lynchburg, Inc.  In 1960 the business was divided and Mr. Flint took over the construction division.  Soon after the name was changed to L.G. Flint Inc.  Flint’s reputation for high-quality, price competitive buildings continued to grow.

L. G. Flint’s eldest son Bob Flint, CGR, joined the company in 1975 after his military service and work as an engineer.  His commitment to quality is shared by the staff of experienced, full time employees.  Well supervised teams of skilled craftsmen give the company the capability and flexibility to keep projects moving, even under challenging conditions.

Bob’s son Andy Flint joined the Company in 1997 and is now President of L. G. Flint supported by a strong team of Executives, Superintendents and Staff, some of whom have been with the Company for over 20 years.

Through the years L.G. Flint, Inc has developed the versatility to tackle a variety of jobs.  Flint builds and remodels residential and commercial structures.  Commercial construction ranges from manufacturing and retail builds to college dormitories and churches.  Flint’s reputation for quality may lead people to think that their work is expensive, yet when quality and service are considered, Flint is among the most price-competitive contractors in Central Virginia.  Flint’s 68 year track record provides solid evidence of the firm’s competitive edge and financial stability.